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Sony is holding an online event later today to give us our first look at the PlayStation 5 games.

The company has already revealed the PlayStation 5’s specs but hasn’t announced its price yet.

However, the gaming console was listed on Amazon UK with a price tag of £599.99 ($760/€670)

and while most of the listing is obviously a placeholder, the price is too specific for it to be random.

What gives it even more credibility is that the listing was pulled down since.

Some watchful shoppers took these screenshots that show the PlayStation 5 will come with 2TB storage and someone even managed to place an order.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

“LittleBigPlanet” mascot Sackboy gets his own game with “Sackboy: A Big Adventure” by Sumo Digital.”

The series was among the first games to encourage a bustling creative online community, where players made their own physics-based levels. The trailer showed much of the platforming, but it’s not yet certain whether level editors will be available.

playstation 5

The moment gamers around the world have been waiting for is almost here — they will finally get a glimpse of the much-anticipated PlayStation 5 (PS5) console on Thursday.

Manufacturer Sony is hosting a virtual “Future of Gaming” event at 8 p.m. (GMT), during which the new device will be unveiled. It will also be announcing the first games to be released for the console.


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