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Chelsea will host Ajax at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday in the Champions League Group D round of four.

Chelsea and Ajax are in Group H along with Lille and Valencia, and they appear to be the closest to qualification with six points, two points behind the bats.

The last game in the Netherlands ended with a 1-0 win at Chelsea, and tomorrow’s meeting will be a rejuvenation for Ajax, so we face a special match.

Everyone is watching Ajax, and is watching all his games, especially after the game of the final of the final against Real Madrid, who won the Champions League in the last 3 copies.

The Dutch team surprised and beat Real Madrid in the home of “Santiago Bernabeu” with four goals to a goal, to exclude the defending champion for the first time in three years, and qualify for the quarter-finals.

In the quarter-finals, Ajax faced another giant, Juventus, and after a positive draw in the first leg, the Dutch team returned to win 2-2 away to reach the semi-finals, and in the semi-final was close to qualify, but Tottenham Hotspur snatched the first card for the final Heroes in a season in which Ajax deservedly earned the title of Black Horse.

(Possible lineups)


Start date: 05. Nov 2019, 22:00

Location: London 

Venue: Stamford Bridge

Referee: Gianluca Rocchi, Italy