Border Collie Breed

General Information

Dog Name: Border Collie

Dog breed Group: Herding dogs

Size Category: Small dog breeds

Height: Ranges from one foot, six inches to one foot, ten inches (measured from the shoulder).

Weight: Ranges from 30 to 45 pounds.

Lifespan: Ranges from 12 to 15 years.

Brief History

The Border Collie gets its name from its place of origin: the border between England and Scotland.This breed is quite unusual, in that all members of the breed can be traced back to a single tri-colour dog called Old Hemp, who was known as the best herding dog in the area. Old Hemp rose to fame in the early twentieth century as an impressive show dog, and thus interest in the breed surged. Today, Border Collies still work as herding dogs, and are also a popular choice for a household pet.

Dog Breed Characteristics

A. Protection Ability

Border Collies have no qualms with barking loudly to alert their owners to suspicious strangers, but they will generally not attack. They are therefore very effective watch dogs, but poor guard dogs.

B. Ease of Training

This breed is intelligent and very sensitive to their owners’ actions – this makes them very easy to train. They are strong-minded but ultimately want to please, and so dog training usually runs smoothly with the Border Collie.

C. Playfulness

Border Collies have loads of energy, and they love their families. They’re very playful and particularly enjoy rigorous outdoor games such as frisbee or fetch. This breed can be difficult to keep up with!

D. Exercise needs

Border Collies need lots of mental and physical stimulation every day. They enjoy dog sports, brisk walks and roaming in parks. They have an instinct to chase and herd, and so owners must keep an eye of them when out in public or near roads.

E. Adaptability

The main thing a Border Collie needs from its owner is love and energy. Provided they have these core things, they will be happy regardless of their living situation.

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