Gordon Setter Breed

General Information

Dog Name: Gordon Setter

Dog breed Group: Sporting dogs

Size Category: Large dog breeds

Height: Ranges from one foot, eleven inches to two feet, three inches (measured from the shoulder).

Weight: Ranges from 45 to 80 pounds.

Lifespan: Ranges from 10 to 12 years.

Brief History

The Gordon Setter is a steady and calculated hunter. Originally from Scotland, this breed air scents its prey and is known for rarely making errors. They get their name from the fourth Duke of Gordon, who was a fan of the breed and brought them to prominence. The first Gordon Setters to make it to the USA came from the Duke’s personal kennels. Nowadays these dogs are a popular choice of companion in the USA, and the Gordon Setter Club of America has over one thousand members.

Dog Breed Characteristics

A. Protection Ability

This breed is very disciplined, and in addition to be an excellent hunter they also perform well as both a watch dog and a guard dog.

B. Ease of Training

The Gordon Setter is very receptive to dog training, but their high intelligence means that they will sometimes attempt to take advantage of their owners. Effective owners must be firm and establish themselves as the leader in order to get the most out of their pets.

C. Playfulness

Despite their innate sense of discipline, this breed has a huge capacity for playfulness. They enjoy being around their owners and are always ready to show affection.

D. Exercise needs

Gordon Setters require rigorous daily exercise, and they’re the perfect companion for joggers. Forced exercise such as road running and obedience jumps should be phased into their routine after they have reached two years of age, as this sort of exercise can put a heavy strain on their developing joints.

E. Adaptability

Gordon Setters can adapt to most living environments, but they hate being alone for long periods of time. Novice owners can take on this breed, provided they’re prepared for a challenge!

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