Great Dane Breed

General Information

Dog Name: Great Dane

Dog breed Group: Working dogs

Size Category: Large dog breeds

Height: Ranges from two feet, four inches to two feet, ten inches (measured from the shoulder).

Weight: Ranges from 100 to 200 pounds.

Lifespan: Ranges from 7 to 10 years.

Brief History

Contrary to its name, paintings and literature suggest that the Great Dane may have its roots in ancient Egypt or China. These past versions of the Great Dane were more muscular and ferocious than the modern breed, and it is thought that the Great Dane as we know it has been bred for approximately four hundred years. The breed was developed in Germany, where it hunted wild boars (the most vicious of all large game in Europe). They then rose in popularity, becoming guard dogs for European noblemen and later was named the National Dog of Germany in 1876. The modern Great Dane is more placid than their ancestors, and is commonly a companion dog.

Dog Breed Characteristics

A. Protection Ability

Great Danes will scare away intruders with their terrifying bark, but generally will not attack. They therefore make good watch dogs, but they aren’t suitable as guard dogs.

B. Ease of Training

This breed is moderately intelligent and receptive to dog training. They are commonly crate trained, as their large size can lead to mishaps around the house when their owner is absent.

C. Playfulness

The Great Dane is energetic and eager to please – they would play all day if given the chance!  They’re also very friendly towards children and enjoy showing them affection.

D. Exercise needs

This breed is full of energy, and will become destructive if they don’t get enough daily exercise. They may even need up to one hour of rigorous running per day.

E. Adaptability

This is a challenging breed, even for experienced owners. They need lots of space due to their size, and cannot tolerate being alone. Despite their size, they are also very sensitive to the cold.

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